Coolsculpting in Maryland
Drs. Schuster and Schreiber
Creating a New You

The Baltimore Coolsculpting Experience

Your Baltimore Coolsculpting experience starts with a complimentary Coolsculpting consultation.  You will meet several members of the team at Schuster and Schreiber Plastic Surgery during your consultation.  Dr. Schuster or Dr. Schreiber will examine you with their nurse to determine whether or not you're a good candidate for the procedure.  Then, you have the option of scheduling your procedure at that appointment.  One, two, or up to 6 hours of Coolsculpting can be scheduled all in one day.

Once you have booked your procedure, you'll come in and the nurse will prepare you for the treatment.  We offer a private room that is designed for your comfort.  WiFi is available as well as a TV with online streaming movies to pass the time while your fat is frozen away!  After the treatment is done, you can go home and even exercise that very night!

Before and after photos are then usually compared at your 3 month visit so that you can see your results!  Please keep in mind that results vary and several treatments may be required to get the results that you're looking for. Please click here or call (410) 902-9800 to schedule you complimentary consultation today!